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Wet Mops

Rubbermaid Wet Mops

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Web Foot® Shrinkless® Wet Mops

The ultimate, launderable wet mop.
No. Description Length
Rubbermaid A212-06 Web Foot® Shrinkless® Wet Mop  
Rubbermaid A252-06 Web Foot® Shrinkless® Wet Mop  

Web Foot® Wet Mops

The unchallenged leader in launderable wet mops.
No. Description Length
Rubbermaid A112-06 Web Foot® Wet Mop  
Rubbermaid A113-06 Web Foot® Wet Mop  
Rubbermaid A152-06 Web Foot® Wet Mop  
Rubermaid A153-06 Web Foot® Wet Mop  

Rough Floor Wet Mop

Economical choice for aggressive floor surfaces. Excels on more abrasive floor surfaces such as non-slip/non-skid, stone, terrazzo, concrete and other textured floor surfaces.
No. Description Length
Rubbermaid T255 Rough Floor Wet Mop  
Rubbermaid T256 Rough Floor Wet Mop  

Finish System

Helps ensure controlled absorption and release of finish.
No. Description Width Length Volume Capacity
Rubbermaid E052 Finish Mop, Looped Fringe 5 in 18 in  

Nylon Finish Mops

Non-linting, continuous filament yarn leaves an even, glossy, long-lasting finish every time.
No. Description Length
Rubbermaid T200-06 Nylon Finish Mop  
Rubbermaid T201-06 Nylon Finish Mop  

Web Foot® Microfiber Tube Mops

No. Description Length
Rubbermaid T812-06 Microfiber Tube Mop, 1" Headband Medium  
Rubbermaid T852-06 MF Tube Mop, 5" Headband, Medium